q & a

who is behind this site?

The creator and namesake is Michael Ellars.

what is the purpose of this site?

This site serves as an index of the various Web site addresses (domain names) that I control. However, what you see here is only a small part of my collection. I collect domain names like some people collect cars.

are any of the domains for sale?

None of my domain names are for sale. However, for the right price, I might be willing to lease one of the under-utilized or parked sites.

who or what is “Flieghund”?

Flieghund is an improper contraction of “die fliegende Hunde,” or “the flying dogs,” part of the nonsensical German phrase “Wann kommen die flieghunden?” (“from where do the flying dogs come?”). A more proper singular form would be rendered Flughund, but for various reasons Flieghund stuck and has been in use since late 1995.

is “Flieghund” capitalized?

Because it is a nonsensical term that I coined, I get to make the rules on how it should be used. One of those rules is that it can be set with an initial capital or in all lower-case, but it should never be set in all upper-case unless the work in which it is used is only set in capital letters.

how do I ask a question?

Feel free to contact me through any of the addresses provided in the Whois listing for flieghund.org.